Whatever it takes to help you increase growth and profitability.

 We analyze, recommend, coach, assist, support and do "real" work - whatever seems to offer the client the best results We also provide the tactical assistance and midcourse corrections needed to optimize the strategies we’ve agreed on.


Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of companies can you work with?

Almost any kind but I’m going to be the most effective with companies that can benefit from the mix of strategic, marketing, financial and coaching skills I have. I can help you fill almost any functional hole in your organization but I’m not likely to be the direct, long-term solution to any of them.

What kind of results should I expect?

Recommendations and if you chose action, that can double your growth rate and/or improve your margin by 20% or more.

How do I decide whether you can help me or not?

For what I do to succeed, I need to understand you and your business well. In turn, we need to discover whether the chemistry between us is right. This typically happens gradually over a series of progressive meetings. There’s no charge for these introductory sessions and no obligation on your part, or mine, to go forward.

So you’re an executive coach?

Sure, when that’s the best way for me to help you make something happen. Unlike a coach, however, I do real work as well. A part of my value is knowing when I can get you the most leverage by taking on a task myself and when it’s best done by you or someone else.

You say you do “real work”. What kind?

    Marketing - writing and/or designing ways to communicate strategy, positioning and differentiation to clients and employees

    Operations and Financial Analysis – From developing key indicators that keep our eye on what’s really important to full blown financial forecasting and planning

    Meeting Facilitation – From getting the most out of a weekly staff meeting to planning and executing a multi-day offsite

    Organization Design & Interviewing – Defining what exactly we’re looking for, strategizing on where we’re likely to find someone and helping to make sure we hire the best available

    IT Architecture – Making sure we get the most leverage out of technology without making it a burden

    Staff Development & Coaching – I can help you get more out of your one on ones and help other employees improve skills like coaching, interviewing and time/task management.

    Project Management – Often a single difficult hurdle blocks the next stage of development. I can organize and command the resources to get us past the hurdle

What kind of work are you unlikely to do?

I generally won’t and shouldn’t have direct reports although occasionally I will be the right person to get a new hire started or monitor a critical probation. While I’m pretty good on a sales call, I’m not a star salesman. Most importantly, I shouldn’t be doing anything long term that needs to be your work.