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A Winters Tale

Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

Exposing yourself to new ideas and approaches is an important responsibility you have to yourself and your organization. Its all too easy to fall into the transactional trap that has you spending most of every day on the urgent and tactical and almost none of your time on the important and strategic.

At the CEOs Bookshop you’ll find recommendations for important and influential books that will help you form new business and personal strategies or will increase the pleasure you get from life. The bookstore will also give you an insight into the ideas I think are important  and valuable. There are three sections of recommended books: Work Life for business books; Real Life for books that support self-examination; and Pure Pleasure for books that I found interesting and entertaining (if not improving). Defining Strategies is an Amazon Associate so just click on any book to order it

If you have read a book recommended here, send us a comment or review. We’ll be happy to post it (even if it’s a slam!)